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How to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

Landing a job is one of the best things that can happen in your life. This is because you will have a source of income and also get the chance to build your career. It is usually a difficult moment for many who are getting into the job market for the first time. Fewer opportunities in your area may make it difficult for you to land a job. You may also be missing out on the available openings because of your manner of application.

Applying correctly increases your chances of landing a job. You should make good use of different online platforms when looking for a job. There are some that advertise for available openings and others where you can advertise your qualifications. One of the best platforms to use is LinkedIn. It is a social network that promotes career development and professional networking.

linkedin You can post your academic qualifications and your work experience which will help you land your next job. Most recruiters and human resource experts are on this platform. LinkedIn also has a high number of job listings, so your chances of landing one are high. There is also an option of joining professional groups of those in the same field as you. This helps you grow your network. Creating a good LinkedIn profile increases your chances of landing a job real fast. Here are simple ways to boost your LinkedIn profile.

Include Your Location

It is one thing most recruiters and human resource experts will look at when going through your LinkedIn profile. You should include your location because most recruiters may narrow their searches to people from a specific region. The chances of securing a job are much higher when you add your location to your profile.

Add a Picture

A LinkedIn profile with a picture is more appealing compared to one that is plain. Most recruiters can tell the kind of person you are just by looking at your profile picture. You should use a decent photo that is clear and appears more professional.

Public Profile

You should make your profile public if youlinkedin want to increase your chances of landing a job through this platform. Your profile will be visible to many, and you never know your potential employer may come across it. Do not limit yourself by using a private profile which reduces your chances of getting noticed by most prospective employers.…

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